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I have reported profiles that were revealed to have stock photos, or that were associated with a person that had profiles under a variety of names.I sent the Google links to the evidence along with my report and although I received a canned response from the customer service department, the profiles were allowed to continue on their site.This actually happened to me about 10-12 years ago. It was the first time in probably a year I had used that card so I knew it had to happen there.About 2 days later the fraud department called me to ask me if I was signing up for dating website.

Please email us: [email protected] or call 01 I've been given some membership to Speed Dater. We have probably given you a free trial for Speed Dater online dating.

Then much later when I had finished dating online someone had stolen my credit card number and signed up for a dating service with it (you can actually read my account of this experience here).

It may be surprising but of the two cases, the fraudulent charge case is generally easier to resolve (although that doesn’t mean the process is enjoyable).

You will need to cancel this if you do not wish to be charged. My credit card has been rejected by your payment system. There may be a number of reasons why your card has not been accepted.

I've signed up for a Speed Dater online dating membership with auto-renewal but would now like to cancel? These include: * You may simply have entered an invalid card number. Visa, Debit) does not appear to match the card number supplied.