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Regardless of the method used, meth use is associated with an immediate intense euphoria, cravings, risky behavior, brain dysfunction and deficits in regulating self-control.

If you find specific drug paraphernalia scattered about, this is a likely sign of meth use. Look for crumpled aluminum foil with burn marks and straws or hollowed out ballpoint pens used to snort or smoke the drug.

Minnesotapolis appears pale, bloated and bleary-eyed in a police booking shot taken while he was hooked on the drug.

Scabs are dotted across his face and neck, which is one of the telltale signs of a meth addict -- users repeatedly pick at spots, with many reporting the sensation that bugs are crawling under their skin.

I have a beautiful 18-month-old and everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was!

’ She told Mail Online about how her addiction started: ‘I was partying with a friend and I took a pill for the first time and due to stress and issues at home it just went downhill from there.

She used to pick at her face, weighed just 100 pounds, stole from her friends and family and, after dropping out of school in sixth grade, was 'clueless'.

"It also goes with the open wounds and scars on my body now."When asked by other Redditors if he watched AMC's hit show "Breaking Bad" -- about mild-mannered teacher Walter White becoming a brutally violent meth-dealing drug kingpin -- he replied he was "too busy doing meth to watch a show about it.""I finally had just had enough one day and I was going to jump off the Smith bridge in St. But the police stopped me and brought me to the psych ward," he wrote.It was, he said, around his tenth time in treatment, and he's remained clean ever since.A woman has released pictures of herself showing how she has recovered from the devastating effects of heroin and meth addiction.This in turn leads to an increased risk of dental cavities, periodontal lesions and dental erosions.Recent research indicates 72% of meth users have dry mouth, 68% experience jaw clenching and 47% have temporomandibular joint pain.‘The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12-6-12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God!