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Oracle auto updating

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Prior to Oracle 10g, adjusting optimizer parameters was the only way to compensate for sample size issues with dbms_stats.

As of 10g, the use of dbms_stats.gather_system_stats and improved sampling within dbms_stats had made adjustments to these parameters far less important.

When creating sequences for a RAC environment, DBAs should use the NOORDER keyword to avoid an additional cause of SQ enqueue contention that is forced ordering of queued sequence values.

I am trying to get the first record from the list return by listagg().

A value of "SQ Enqueue" indicates that there is contention for sequences.

In almost all cases, executing an Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE command can increase the cache size of sequences used by the application.

You might also want to check out Sizing Swap Space.

For test sake I tried to install an Oracle Database 10g (Type: General Purpose Database) on a little PC with 256MB of RAM and 1 GB of swap space.

And for systems with more than 2 GB of RAM, the swap space can be between one and two times the size of RAM.

If histograms exist, then they were either automatically created because the columns met the criteria defined on page 10-11 of the document, or manually created.

If they were created automatically, then is probable they will influence the plan for the better.

You can also make backups to preserve data for long-time archival, as explained in "Making Database Backups for Long-Term Storage", and to transfer data, as explained in the chapters included in Part III, "Transferring Data with RMAN".

RMAN uses the configured settings, the records of previous backups, and the control file record of the database structure to determine an efficient set of steps for the backup. As explained in "RMAN File Management in a Data Guard Environment", you can run RMAN backups at any database in a Data Guard environment.