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Validating data in wpf

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The Binding class in the WPF API has a property called Validation Rules which you can use to associate your validation rules with Binding or Multi Binding objects.

To specify the value for this property, you can either derive from the Validation Rule class or use one of the following built-in classes: The Exception Validation Rule class catches any exceptions that are thrown when you are trying to update the source whereas the Data Error Validation Rule catches errors thrown if your source implements IData Error Info interface.

I would definitely recommend using IData Error Info for WPF validation since WPF already understands how to use it, and its easy to implement.

To start with, add the interface to the class containing the data you want to validate.

For example, we are validating that the first and last names are not empty fields. Validates On Data Error is the super star behind all this.

By flipping this flag on, the databinding will be able to communicate with any data types that implement IData Error Info.

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Except that the error will not necessarily be correct if there's more than one error. Alternatively, you could replace your Validation Tool Tip Template with the following: Thanks for your nice tutorial.

Is key supposed to be the actual name of my control? I am new to xaml and wpf and trying to get validation to work.

This example shows how to use an Error Template and a style trigger to provide visual feedback to inform the user when an invalid value is entered, based on a custom validation rule.

The “Add” button on the screen is also disabled/enabled in accordance to the validation via the use of WPF Command System.

Looking at the interface implementation, we put in checks for the Property Names we are interested in validating, and return an error message for each one that failed the criteria.