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The two become close, Tess even affectionately calling him "Texas" and the two flirted with each other during their missions, heavily relying upon each other in the post-pandemic world.It is unknown if the two were romantically involved at any point.With Tess having various contacts in the Boston underworld and a no-holds barred approach, she and Joel earned a reputation for being ruthless, to the point where their fellow survivors within the QZ did not attempt to cross them.Tess is first seen when she enters Joel's apartment in the Boston Zone.By: Tankman (Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson) =================================== My name is Jim and I’ve worked on the set of 8 Simple Rules for over a year now and … THIS STORY IS ONLY PART OF THE AUTHOR’S (YOKE) SICK, PERVERTED, LONELY, AND HORNY MIND.THIS SHOULD ONLY BE READ FOR FUN SHOULD NOT BE RE-ENACTED. Continue reading The CSSA Hot 100 Special Hosted by TRL The official CSSA 2003 Hotlist!Annie Wersching gets to let her freckles show in “Bosch,” and that’s just one reason she loves the role. Louis native and 1995 graduate of Crossroads High School, co-stars with Titus Welliver in the Amazon Prime crime drama, based on the novels of Michael Connelly, who is a consultant on the show.All 10 episodes arrive on the streaming video service Friday.

She may have been a high school or college student at the time of the outbreak, but if and where is unknown. At some point, she became a smuggler in the Boston quarantine zone, living in Area 4. The two became partners; Joel serving as the muscle while she was the brains.

Joel asks why she didn't wait for him when she went to trade ration cards for pills in the West End district.

Tess tries to calm him by showing that she did get "enough ration cards to last a couple of months".

One person JJJ is most curious about is Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and where his loyalties lie.

“At the end of season six, we see that he’s sided with Lily and moved into the Salvatore house and at the top of the episode, we see there’s a little bit of a rewind,” Michael told JJJ during a recent set visit.